About Us

Brief History: I purchased my first yellow Labrador during my junior year at Penn State University.  I lived alone and she became the love of my life.  I knew I wanted to raise Labs when I completed my schooling.  However, I was naive and had not done my homework.  I did know about hip dysplasia and knew that I did not want to breed that.  Needless to say, she had mild dysplasia so I spayed her.  On top of that, she developed allergies to fleas.  She was still my companion and accompanied me onto the University of Kentucky where I received a Master of Science degree in Animal Breeding / Genetics (cattle) and met my husband.  We married and moved to southwest Kansas, where the cattle out number the people, and began our career in the cattle industry.

3 Kids later and no yellow Lab:  I began another search for a new puppy to fulfill my dream of being a Labrador Breeder, with a lot more experience and knowledge.  I talked to several breeders along the way.  I was looking for a mentor more so than a puppy.  I was fortunate to find a wonderful mentor in Sherry Anderson of Sher-Mi Labradors (and a magnificent puppy who I named Riley).  Sherry has been a tremendous help and friend to me.  I cannot thank her enough for sharing her knowledge and experience with me.

Current:  I am dedicated to breeding sound Labradors.  I do everything possible so my puppy buyers won't have to deal with problems that can and should be prevented through careful genetic selection.  You can see my current girls on the Girls page.  I have titled my girls in obedience and hunt tests and am looking forward to my first Champion.  Along the way, the kids have inherited my love of animals.  I did not want to force my breed upon them.  I made them do their own research and choose their breeds.  My oldest daughter, Catie has a lovely Papillon and competes in Junior Showmanship, obedience and agility with him.  My son, Clayton, chose the Border Collie and is competitive in 4-H.  Our youngest daughter, Cara, chose a Border Terrier and also competes in 4-H.  I am our county 4-H dog project leader and teach obedience and agility classes.

You can visit the Family Fun page to see pictures of the kids and their adventures.
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